#001 – the “Why” ❓⏰

BF #001 – The Why
BF #001 – The Why

I want to kick off this email series with a big THANK YOU to all of you reading now, and all of you who sent your email of support and shared the site before I even sent my first one. You are all amazing! Hope you enjoy it!

Why I do what I do?

It makes sense to write about my motivation, my “why” in the first email I send, and It’s not some deep inspirational sh*t or an eye-opening revelation. It just comes down to a few things, one of them being – I hate alarm clocks! ?

One of my earliest memories is waking up to go to kindergarten on a snowy cold dark morning. Of course, I understand why my parents had to do that, but I remember that “ughh!” feeling, and that feeling stayed with me through my entire education and early adulthood.

Waking up when you don’t want to wake up, to go where you don’t want to go, spend a day with people you (mostly) don’t like, to do stuff you don’t want to do… All according to someone else’s schedule. That’s how I felt until I dropped out of college at year 2 and got my “first job in IT”. Previous jobs I did since my teen years, like tending the bar in an Irish Pub, or sweeping floors of a warehouse is a topic for a future email…

When I started that job, I hoped that feeling will go away, but apart from “doing stuff you don’t want to do”, nothing changed. 
N O T H I N G. So eventually I quit, to start my own business with a dear friend of mine. It was the best and also the dumbest thing I could do at that point.

Should you just quit your job and go freelancing? Probably not. Don’t be stupid like I was! There’s a lot of smart moves you can do to set yourself up for success and avoid a lot of early pain when you eventually make the move. In this case, preparation really is 90% of success. I’ll talk about that soon…

So… What changed?

I’ve abolished the dreaded alarm clock from my day-to-day life. ? It has been one of my life goals, so I’ll call that a win!

Does that mean that I now sleep in? Hell no! If anything, I wake up earlier – because I now do what I want to do, and I wake up to the sound of desire to work on my dreams and goals, instead of working on someone else’s. And I just love my morning routine.

But more importantly – It’s a healthy way of living. It has been scientifically proven that alarms affect our blood pressure, decision making, mood, and all sorts of bad stuff, short term and long term – and you can mitigate that with minor changes to how you wake up. (like light based alarm)

How does your morning routine look like? Are you a morning person?

I look forward to your reply, I am really curious.
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