If you don't want to be living that 9-5 life, let me help you find the way out:

In over 10 years I've been freelancing and running my business I learned a lot, and now I want to share with you my experience and views on:

Getting Clients Productivity Remote Work Speaking Communication Project Management Life Balance Networking $ Pricing & Money

+ My thoughts, links, books, lolz... you get the idea...


  • Robert
    Tom offered me guidance on how to work smarter around the things that will propel me forward in my life. He gave wind to my sails and made me inspired again to work on projects I care about.
    Software developer
  • Marko
    Tom's support has always been honest and everpresent! I am thankful for every piece of advice, encouragement, all the books and every bit of help in my career.
    Performing Artists
  • Ivan
    Tom told me a story about the life of a freelancer, 6 months later I dared to become one, and ever since I've been loving every day, working for myself.
    Cloud Engineer